Fly Flow Quebec is the importer for Quebec and the Maritime provinces of the brand Flow Paragliders and Kortel Design


ACE is our EN A glider. Predictable and safe. Confidence inspiring glider with a gentle and docile flight to allow pilots to progress in the sport.

COSMOS is our EN B. A fun glider with great handling and mindblowing performance. Remarkable passive safety for its class.

Freedom is our high EN B. A sophisticated glider where no compromise was made to achieve the perfect balance between performance, passive safety and playful handling.

Fusing 2-liner feeling with an EN C certification, the Flow Fusion is the first certified hybrid 2-3 liner paraglider.

Fusing 2-liner feeling with an EN C certification, the Flow Fusion Light is the first certified hybrid 2-3 liner paraglider.

XCRacer is our EN D race machine. A 2liner in the vanguard of paragliding design. Stable, fast and a efficient climber. A glider made for champions.

Spectra is our CIVL Competition Class glider, widely known as CCC.

PANORAMA is our EN B tandem glider. Easy inflation with a smooth and comfortable flight. Light yet durable. Sweet handling and effortless flare.

The Yoti2 better than before. A mini paraglider designed for the most demanding and challenging air.

Having all the amazing qualities of the Yoti2, the new Yoti2 Light is designed for pilots who seek the ultimate ease of use on the ground and agility in the air.


The Kruyer III has been reworked and now integrates a molded 3D geometry!

This technology offers unequalled comfort for a harness of this weight.

The Karver II Takes over the concept of a shoulder harness inaugurated with the Karver.

This concept has amply proven its potential in terms of comfort, safety and flight approval.

The Kolibri is our light harness of competition for Hike & Fly, or flight bivouac.

The Fruit of three years of reflection on this activity, it is distinguished by several major innovations:

The Kool is the result of a concerted reflection with the professionals teachers, to design the school harness according to Kortel Design.

The Karma II is our all-public harness.

Comfort, adjustable stability in the air, large passive safety and precision steering its its master words.

The Kanibal Race II was designed with only one idea in mind, the performance.

Pure Performance by optimizing aerodynamic drag.


AURA is a semi-light weight pulled down apex conical emergency parachute designed for paragliding use only.

The Flow D-CHUTE is a drag parachute designed specifically to aid a quick descent rate in high performance paragliders. 190g only.

– Weight 720g
– Lenght 270cm
– Foldable design for easy transport with 2 clips

Flow rigid tandem paraglider spreader bars

– EN Certified – shock and load test
– Weight approx 340g